Mozzeria's Mobile Pizzeria Tour: Oct 19 Update

Posted: 21 October 2014

So Long, Florida

We had wonderful time in Florida. So many things happened within few days after our arrival. Between signing paper works, learning how to operate the mobile pizzeria and participating in Food Truck Wars, it was really hectic. We had big help from Russ' uncle Ken. Thank you Uncle Ken.

So Long, Florida

We know Florida is famous for their beaches. We finally had a chance to relax a bit on the beach with friends in St. Augustine. I had no idea how beautiful St. Augustine is when weather is perfect. The last time we visited st. Augustine the rain poured hard and we didn't hit the beach at that time.

We wanted to thank D'Angelo family for taking good care of us for few days. We couldn't have done the food truck war without them. You are superstars.

So Long, Florida

The following day we started driving westward and we drove through 4 states- Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisana. The GPS estimated that we would drive 8 hours to the final destination but actually it took us 12 hours. It is not easy driving almost 24,000 pounds vehicle.

Next up is Louisana. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post.

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Posted: 19 October 2014

St. Augustine, FL: At Food Truck Wars

At FoodTruckWarsPHOTO CREDIT: Senelle Jenkins

Mozzeria participated in FoodTruckWars in St. Augustine, FL on Saturday, 18th. The area surrounding the truck was like a Deaf club as some people even brought their folding chairs and camped out!

Guess what? We won the most prestigious award "People's Choice" at FoodTruckWars on Saturday, Oct 18th! Voting is done by patrons at the event who voted based for Mozzeria based on overall - food, the look of the food truck and sense of community.

Numerous chefs came to the Mozzeria Mobile Pizzeria to chat with the co-owners.

So FoodTruckWars was a good start for us! And thank you for all your support! Keep posted for more to come!

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Posted: 17 October 2014

Mozzeria: The Reveal

Mozzeria: The RevealPlay Video

The Mozzeria Project

The Mozzeria ProjectPlay Video

> See Us This Saturday at Food Truck Wars, in St. Augustine! - Click Here

> Mozzeria Launches Mobile Pizzeria - Click Here

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Posted: 16 October 2014

Mozzeria's Latest AdventurePlay Video

Mozzeria videoPlay Video

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