Mozzeria's Mobile Pizzeria Tour: ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS

Posted: 14 November 2014


The Mozzeria Mobile Pizzeria trolleyWhile Russ and I were on the nearly-3-weeks Mozzeria Mobile Pizzeria Road Tour, we have all these people who helped to make the trip a huge success:

Mozzeria staff sees the Mobile Pizzeria trolley for the first time

STAFF AT MOZZERIA (Robbie, Yesenia, Yordi, Tiffany, Kayleigh, Merritt, Jason, Tristan, Amanda, Juan, Sabrina, Jesse Maged and David): for running the restaurant, media logistics, and going the extra mile in meeting our corporate clients' catering needs during the day.

FAMILY: Francis & Anna Tsai, Robbie Stein, Scott & Melissa Stein, Joseph Tsai, Maureen and Lee McLemore, Mary Wong for lending support and taking care of our kids.

Hiawatha Bank: for seeing out that the deal for purchase of Mozzeria’s Mobile Pizzeria got done in time.


The Steins with Michael Sabatello

Michael Sabatello: for putting trust in us with your pizza trolley.

ALL2GTHER SIGNS: for getting the wrapping done in time.

Ken Stein: for driving and running errands.

The D'Angelo Family: Your sunshine and hospitality, and helping us get ready for the first Food Truck event, and spreading the word within the St. Augustine Deaf Community.

Borollio Restaurant, St Augustine: for lending us your dough mixer.

Food Truck Wars: thank you for accepting Mozzeria at such last minute, and honoring us with the People's Choice award.


Tate & Sarah Tullier: Your charming hospitality and mouth-watering gumbo!


At Spooky Skedaddle

Scott & Melissa Stein: helping us with many different errands and watching over us.

Tommy & Sherri Rush: For letting our Trolley rest on your land and fixing minor details on the Trolley.

Rarus Family: For allowing us to rest at your house for a few days, and for feeding us Texas-sized meals.

Crazy Crepe: for loaning us your dough mixer.

Joseph Tsai: for cutting one too many pies at Spooky Skedaddle.

iDeafNews: for doing the interview on Mozzeria’s Mobile Pizzeria Trolley.


Dyan Sue Kovacs: for making the Food Truck event happen, and for being liaison between Phoenix and us.

Dave & Melissa Huber: for letting us stay at your house and helping us with food preparation.

Roger & Belinda Carroll: for being our go-to guys.

Phoenix Day School for the Deaf: for loaning your dough mixer.

Apache ASL Trails: for letting us share our story with the Deaf Community.

ACDHH: for alerting the local media, arranging interview, and providing an interpreter.

Tyler Berdy: for giving up an evening of studying to help us out at the Open Air Market.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Network (DHN) for a cool interview using a GoPro camera.


At California School for the Deaf - Riverside

Darrell & Pearlene Utley: a genuine thank-you for everything.

Adams Family: for taking care of us at your place and feeding us yummy waffles and cinnamon rolls.

Sphinx Comics: for inviting Mozzeria Mobile Pizzeria Trolley to park on their lot.

CSDR: for welcoming us and allowing us to share our journey with its students.

Kristine Hall, Susan Stewart, Hetty Rothenberg, Kyron Egnatovitch and Darrell Utley: working the hungry crowd on Friday and/or Saturday.

Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana - Marina Del Rey: Thank you for the generous donation of Caputo pizza flour.

Jonathan Weiss: for providing resources.

GLAD: for hosting a Food Truck event and inviting the Deaf Community.

Darrell, Ben and Stephanie: thank you for all of your help at the GLAD Food Truck event.

Sharon Ann & Ken: for letting us stay overnight at your place in LA.

ROAD TOUR SPONSORS, Thank You for your amazing support!


Mobile Pizzeria Road Tour Sponsors: Convo, H3 World TV, Sprint and TCS Associates

And Lastly,

TO THE DEAF COMMUNITY IN USA: from our hearts, your overwhelming support meant a lot to us. <3!

Last Post: 12 November 2014
"Spotlight on Road Tour Sponsor: TCS Associates"

Mobile Pizzeria Road Tour is sponsored by Convo, H3 Network Media Alliance, Spring Relay and TCS Associates

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kim bruce says - Friday, 21 Nov 2014

Thanks Mozzeria & Tiffany for a great dinner tonight. My son is a 3rd yr ALS student at Monte Vista High School. His teacher encourages them to go out and practice what they are learning. We had date night for him to practice. Tiffany was an awesome waitress super engaging & the food was awesome

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