Mozzeria's Mobile Pizzeria Tour: ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS

Posted: 14 November 2014


The Mozzeria Mobile Pizzeria trolleyWhile Russ and I were on the nearly-3-weeks Mozzeria Mobile Pizzeria Road Tour, we have all these people who helped to make the trip a huge success:

Mozzeria staff sees the Mobile Pizzeria trolley for the first time

STAFF AT MOZZERIA (Robbie, Yesenia, Yordi, Tiffany, Kayleigh, Merritt, Jason, Tristan, Amanda, Juan, Sabrina, Jesse Maged and David): for running the restaurant, media logistics, and going the extra mile in meeting our corporate clients' catering needs during the day.

FAMILY: Francis & Anna Tsai, Robbie Stein, Scott & Melissa Stein, Joseph Tsai, Maureen and Lee McLemore, Mary Wong for lending support and taking care of our kids.

Hiawatha Bank: for seeing out that the deal for purchase of Mozzeria’s Mobile Pizzeria got done in time.


The Steins with Michael Sabatello

Michael Sabatello: for putting trust in us with your pizza trolley.

ALL2GTHER SIGNS: for getting the wrapping done in time.

Ken Stein: for driving and running errands.

The D'Angelo Family: Your sunshine and hospitality, and helping us get ready for the first Food Truck event, and spreading the word within the St. Augustine Deaf Community.

Borollio Restaurant, St Augustine: for lending us your dough mixer.

Food Truck Wars: thank you for accepting Mozzeria at such last minute, and honoring us with the People's Choice award.


Tate & Sarah Tullier: Your charming hospitality and mouth-watering gumbo!


At Spooky Skedaddle

Scott & Melissa Stein: helping us with many different errands and watching over us.

Tommy & Sherri Rush: For letting our Trolley rest on your land and fixing minor details on the Trolley.

Rarus Family: For allowing us to rest at your house for a few days, and for feeding us Texas-sized meals.

Crazy Crepe: for loaning us your dough mixer.

Joseph Tsai: for cutting one too many pies at Spooky Skedaddle.

iDeafNews: for doing the interview on Mozzeria’s Mobile Pizzeria Trolley.


Dyan Sue Kovacs: for making the Food Truck event happen, and for being liaison between Phoenix and us.

Dave & Melissa Huber: for letting us stay at your house and helping us with food preparation.

Roger & Belinda Carroll: for being our go-to guys.

Phoenix Day School for the Deaf: for loaning your dough mixer.

Apache ASL Trails: for letting us share our story with the Deaf Community.

ACDHH: for alerting the local media, arranging interview, and providing an interpreter.

Tyler Berdy: for giving up an evening of studying to help us out at the Open Air Market.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Network (DHN) for a cool interview using a GoPro camera.


At California School for the Deaf - Riverside

Darrell & Pearlene Utley: a genuine thank-you for everything.

Adams Family: for taking care of us at your place and feeding us yummy waffles and cinnamon rolls.

Sphinx Comics: for inviting Mozzeria Mobile Pizzeria Trolley to park on their lot.

CSDR: for welcoming us and allowing us to share our journey with its students.

Kristine Hall, Susan Stewart, Hetty Rothenberg, Kyron Egnatovitch and Darrell Utley: working the hungry crowd on Friday and/or Saturday.

Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana - Marina Del Rey: Thank you for the generous donation of Caputo pizza flour.

Jonathan Weiss: for providing resources.

GLAD: for hosting a Food Truck event and inviting the Deaf Community.

Darrell, Ben and Stephanie: thank you for all of your help at the GLAD Food Truck event.

Sharon Ann & Ken: for letting us stay overnight at your place in LA.

ROAD TOUR SPONSORS, Thank You for your amazing support!


Mobile Pizzeria Road Tour Sponsors: Convo, H3 World TV, Sprint and TCS Associates

And Lastly,

TO THE DEAF COMMUNITY IN USA: from our hearts, your overwhelming support meant a lot to us. <3!

Last Post: 12 November 2014
"Spotlight on Road Tour Sponsor: TCS Associates"

Mobile Pizzeria Road Tour is sponsored by Convo, H3 Network Media Alliance, Spring Relay and TCS Associates

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