Yelp Announces Their Top 100 Restaurants to Make a Reservation in San Francisco

For the first time ever, Yelp has announced their 100 Most Popular Restaurants to Make a Reservation in San Francisco—congratulations to all of our Yelp Reservations customers that made the list! Diners no longer have to spend endless hours searching for the hottest restaurant to book a table at and restaurants receive the added benefit of reaching more customers—Yelp has saved the day (or night).

The 50 Best Restaurants in San Francisco

The wood-fired pizza is “wonderful” at this “terrific” Mission Italian with “unique”, “engaging” service by a mostly deaf staff; visitors say they “value the challenge of communicating fully in a new way” (iPad or pen and pad are available), as well as the “quiet” environs, but the food is why they “keep going back.”


Mozzeria: Where the Pizza Speaks for Itself

As a third generation restaurateur, Melody Stein has always had the language of food coursing through her veins. While opening her own restaurant one day seemed like a natural progression, she soon found there was a long road ahead of her, as she was denied acceptance to culinary school because of her Deafness. But that didn’t stop her. She went on to get her degree in Hospitality Management, met her pizza-loving husband Russ, who is also Deaf, and they went to work.

The Very Best Pizza In San Francisco

The Neapolitan pizzas at Mozzeria are all cooked in a 5,000lb Stefano Ferrara oven in the center of the restaurant, so you can watch as your pies being prepared and cooked. There are traditional pizzas, but you want to go for one of the creative options instead: our current favorites are the Hosui Pear with pancetta and brie, and the Peking Duck. Oh, and NBD (actually huge deal), but Mozzeria is one of the only deaf-owned and operated restaurants in the country. No worries if you don’t know sign language; you place your order using pen and paper.


Is Tech Helping Deaf Small Business Owners Succeed?

Soon after customers arrive at Mozzeria for the first time, they notice something's different about the restaurant: Virtually every staffer is deaf.

Owners Russ and Melody Stein are also deaf, and have run their San Francisco restaurant since 2011. The business is thriving because customers love the food and the Steins have overcome obstacles deaf people can face when they become small business owners -- particularly lingering stereotypes and prejudice, and fewer resources than hearing entrepreneurs have.

More Deaf Entrepreneurs Show Signs of Success

Thanks to new technology and improving outreach programs, more deaf people are opening small businesses across the country. The entrepreneurs no longer feel pigeonholed to work in fields that only cater to other deaf people.

Top 5 Pizza Food Trucks in SF San Francisco

Mozzeria is a Mission-based pizzeria that elevated their game a few years ago by creating a trolley-style mobile pizzeria. They make their way around the Bay Area, so you might want to check out their schedule prior to penciling a trip.

It’s also worth noting that the owners and many of the servers here are deaf. They use ASL to communicate, which is really cool.

Mozzeria - San Francisco Pizzeria with Geunine Charm

Lauren and I love pizza. It’s hard to go wrong with the combination of melted cheese, tomato sauce and bread. But, we wanted to find a place that would stand out and that’s what we found at Mozzeria in the Mission District. What makes it special? Well, first it has amazing authentic Italian-style pizza. Second, it is owned by a beautiful deaf couple. Third, it has a brick fire oven that adds a cool ambiance/creates the amazing pizza.