Essential guide to San Francisco

Famous for its vintage streetcars, sourdough bread bowls and laid-back vibe, San Francisco is one of the most interesting cities in the United States. Its steep and winding streets are not for the faint-hearted, fortunately you can hop on a streetcar or cable car and simply take in the sights.

For those who are curious to find out more about San Francisco, we’ve created an interactive map to show you around the city! Highlighting some of the city’s top attractions and restaurants, this map provides a comprehensive guide to your visit San Francisco, including the city’s historic streetcar and cable car lines. Hover over the icons to find out more about the restaurants and attractions.

Shift Pizza Club’s Top Ten SF Pizza Rankings

We run our Pizza Club the way we run our business – customer-centric, data-driven, and review-based.

Fridays at Shift are known for Pizza Club. Once the smell of fresh pizza hits, Pizza Club members come together to enjoy slices from a chosen pizzeria around San Francisco. Lively debate centers around life and pizza – what people think about the pizza, whether calzones count as pizzas (unclear), or whether we’ll ever gain enough consensus to order a Hawaiian pizza again (unlikely).

Today was our 34th meeting since our first gathering on 4/21/2017. In honor of National Pizza Day, we wanted to share our journey across 27 different pizzerias and counting.


‘ItzFun’ and Ear-Friendly Restaurants

Lend an Ear, a Seattle-based organization committed to creating an ear-friendly world one community at a time, launched an ear-friendly certification program, aimed at helping consumers better select establishments to frequent based on noise levels. The launch coincides with the announcement that San Francisco-based Mozzeria, a pizzeria whose owners Melody and Russ Stein are deaf,  is the first establishment to be recognized with the ear-friendly certification.

Pizza restaurant owned, operated by the deaf to expand nationwide

It isn't the delicious pizza, or the throngs of customers waiting outside the doors to get in on any given night that first strikes you about Mozzeria in San Francisco's Mission district.

It's the silence.

In a fast-paced restaurant kitchen environment, the words "loud" and "chaos" may come to mind. Not at Mozzeria.

SF’s first-ever deaf-owned restaurant to franchise

Mozzeria in the Mission has a history of being a pioneer in the local and national food landscape.

When it opened in 2011, it was the city’s first-ever deaf-owned restaurant. At the time, it may have been the first of its kind in any major U.S. city, and it remains one of only a few in the entire country.

Now, the pizza outfit has plans to franchise, but to do so, it once again has to do something nobody else has done.

Deaf-Owned SF Pizzeria Will Expand Nationwide to Address Deaf Employment Gap

Mission District pizzeria and mobile pizza truck operation Mozzeria doesn’t just make exemplary Neapolitan-style pies. As a fully deaf-owned and operated business, it offers a powerful and all-too-uncommon example of deaf employment possibilities. Today, the nonprofit Communication Service for the Deaf recognized Mozzeria’s success, announcing major investment (the amount hasn’t been disclosed) in the Mozzeria business.

Yelp Announces Their Top 100 Restaurants to Make a Reservation in San Francisco

For the first time ever, Yelp has announced their 100 Most Popular Restaurants to Make a Reservation in San Francisco—congratulations to all of our Yelp Reservations customers that made the list! Diners no longer have to spend endless hours searching for the hottest restaurant to book a table at and restaurants receive the added benefit of reaching more customers—Yelp has saved the day (or night).